Window Growing Begonias in North or West Window

stonesriver(6B Tennessee)October 28, 2004

Can I grow rhizo begonias on pebble trays in a North window? Or a West window somewhat shaded by trees?

I would like to put two glass shelves with pebble trays in each window instead of curtains. The windows face our pasture; I'm not really an exhibitionist :-)

Thanks so much,


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Peter60(Yorkshire UK)

If you would like to take my Rex as an example it has always been in front of a west facing window although without shade from the outside. Much will depend upon the amount of shade from the trees. In my experience the rex will take reduced light permenantly, but not a gloomy corner far from the window. I can't help with other rhizomatous begonias indoors.

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Thank you, Peter.

BTW, what a lovely plant. I will see if my western exposure is as conducive to begonias as yours!


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seaecho1(SW CA)

I have just one rhizomatous - a 'Tiger Kitten' and its in a west window, but its in filtered sunlight (a tree dapples the sunlight it gets). I feel it would burn quickly if it were in direct sunlight for more than an hour or so a day. Its on a pebble tray and seems perfectly happy. It has gotten several new leaves since I got it about nine months ago. Really pretty little plant!


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