Elephant tree

piranhafemNovember 12, 2010

I just inherited an elephant tree in a pot. The poor thing was watered within an inch of its life. There is MOSS in the pot. In Tucson! It has a lot of dead branches. I need to know if I can prune the dead branches now, and any other tips I can get about how to keep an elephant tree happy in a pot (besides not watering it so much.) Thanks in advance. I did a google search and a search of this site and found very little info.


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I have one in a pot and one in the ground.
The one in the pot is mostly in shade and it gets watered months apart. It will loose all leaves if I don't water it for several months, but will sprout new ones after I do.
I'd just not water this one until it stabilizes. Wait until soil is dry then water it again and see which branches sprout leaves. Then you can trim the ones that don't

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Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and trimmed off the obviously dead branches, and have been letting the soil dry out. My plan right now is to let it go without water for at least another few weeks, and to repot in the spring. Hope that's the right path.


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