Variegated Pittosporum Tobira

xillNovember 27, 2011

Hey everyone :) I purchased/saved alot of dying pittosporums from walmart at the beginning of this past summer. i got a great deal, only $1.50 a piece so i took all 18 of them and have been nursing them back to health under the shade of my patio all this time. all but 3 have survived and are all now doing very well. but it's time they come out of their containers and into their permanent homes in my yard. When i bought them the tag said "Full Sun - 8+ hrs a day", but we all know how misleading/generic those little tags can be. I had originally planned to use them as an informal hedge around my front porch, but after some research i'm wondering if that would be a death sentence for them. I'm reading everything from full shade to full sun. my front porch pretty much faces west, so for the next few years until my mulberry trees grow up these guys will be getting full midday and afternoon sun in the summer.

so does anyone have any experience with these shrubs? What works best for them in these low deserts? after watering them daily for months on end i've grown quite fond of them and want them to be happy :)

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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

I have variegated Pittosporum, not sure if Tobira. Most of it gets about 2 hours of direct overhead sun. One side of one bit does get a lot more sun, maybe 6 to 8 hours.

The variegation only appears on the bits getting more sun and fades completely in the less sun area to solid green. It's done well for the 7 years or so I've had it and it was there before I had it. I've never seen burning or heat stress.

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Thanks waterbug_guy. are yours exposed to summer sun too or are they in a position where they get more winter sun than summer sun?

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waterbug_guy(Phoenix AZ (Melrose))

I'd say they get nearly the same amount, in minutes per day, of sun winter and summer. Although of course the lower angle in winter is less sun. A strange setup, it's a narrow court yard type deal open to the south and they're under 2' roof eves.

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