Dragon Wing Cuttings

tom8olvr(Z5 MA)October 15, 2007

Well, I took the plunge! I had hopes of taking taking 4 trays of 72 for cuttings... it ended up being much more cumbersome than I had first anticipated. I have been taking impatien cuttings for years (ez!) But after I filled the inserts, got warm water, got the root hormone, the sissors, etc. I was freezing! I quickly realized that I had waited a bit longer than I should - the 'texture' of the plants were brittle. I also quickly realized I had NO idea what I was doing... So, I just dragon winged it! :) I took 144 cuttings (took several hours) put them in the medium with some root hormone, brought them in the house, put domes over them, put them on the heating mats, and we'll see how it goes! Now is the waiting game. If they make it through the next few days, I plan to take another 144 cuttings (but not until these at least start look like they might 'take'). Thanks for the help all and I wonder does anyone have any suggestions or tips from here??? Keep your fingers crossed for me!



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Wow - that is a lot of cuttings! Are you planning on selling or giving away a lot of those?

I would watch for rot and pull any plants that show signs ASAP.

I'm in a different boat when it comes to Dragon Wings. They are so cheap and available here that I treat mine as annuals. Six for $5. They grow so fast in the ground and take sun so well that just a few will fill a small area in no time.

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

Hcmcdole - I used the begonias in a massed bed and need at least 250 of them to fill the bed I intend to put them in next year. I figure if I start 288 of them may be 250 will take?? I HOPE! Wish me luck!


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I'm rooting (pun) for you Tom. Send pictures next year - it should be quite a display.

Here is my measly six pack back on Sep 1.

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

They're beautiful. Now multiply that by 60 - I have them in a bed that runs along the driveway a 4' X 100' bed. Half (at the top) is impatiens (shady), but the other end is sunnier... so I thought these guys would do BETTER there... and they look fabulous. They said they'd grow 16X16" and they've well surpassed that - they're well over 2' tall. The beginning of the season I was concerned they looked sick - leaves were bronzy, but once they took off, there was NO stopping them. I'm very happy with them. I just made another 3' X 110' bed on the other side of the property this area will be the dragon wing area if I can get enough to 'take'. Many of my friends are asking for them again next year because they liked them so much. They were a hit!

Do you have any experience with fiberous begonias a variety called 'party'? I have done Super Olympia and another variety with no problems, but was interested in this variety because it can grow 12" in height.


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Yes, they are very fast, robust growers. I don't know B. 'Party'. I do have 3 varieties of double blooming wax begonias. I'm just not real big into wax begonias though.

I'm more into collecting than mass planting but it's hard to go wrong no matter how you use 'Dragon Wings'.

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

Excuse my ignorance - is Wax and Fiberous the same thing?

I know I'm on the begonia forum, but... I never cared for begonias for years... then I realized how tolerant they were (I had 3 dogs constantly trampling them and they always bounced back better than anything else!) and they always looked GOOD. I could neglect them - and they thrived.. so I'm a fan of the begonia now. I happily found the DW Begonias just as tolerant (I had a sprinkler system put in and they DESTROYED some of the plants and within 2 weeks they grew back together and you would have never known I had sprinklers put in). I think the DW begonias look much better than GOOD too.

I did see some double bloomers in the catalog but they don't come pelletized. I refuse to do begonias by seed if they aren't pelletized. the seed is like dust... May be this year they will pelletize the seed and I could try them, but I'm very leary if they are not. What did you think of the double bloomers - what color did you have? My impression is they look a lot more delicate... ??



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A six pack for $5! Wow, I've only seen them available in a 6 inch pot for $6. Or single stemmed cuttings for $3, but no guarantee they'll branch out. I wouldn't be trying to overwinter my babywing if I knew I could get a new one for your kinda price. I've seen photos of some of your collection Hcmcdole, they are lovely. In your zone it would be worth it to put them outside for your summers too, it sounds like.

Tom8olvr: I read somewhere that if the DW leaf edges become reddish (your bronzy?) then that means they need a hit of fertilizer. I looked at your photos on the other thread, your bed of impatiens are beautiful, they get so big! I think adding the salmon should look pretty, I like the colour mix of Tempo Cancun on the Swallowtail Seed site, though they only mention 3 colours, I think I see more like 5 colours to get that effect. You have to scroll down about halfway. You and your cuttings have a good winter!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tempo Cancun at Swallowtail Garden Seeds

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tom8olvr(Z5 MA)

Kioni, Good to have you back - I thought you left me! So I did it! We'll see what happens next! I should take pictures and post them - I hope to have several pictures and they don't croak! This weekend is supposed to be beautiful (very unusual for October for us) in the 70's, so I will take more cuttings this weekend.

I do like the tempo cancun. Although some of those look pink even though they indicate it's just orange, red, and salmon. I like the red, salmon and white mix... but I'm still fairly undecided. Wait until the seed catalogs come and I'll ponder more then. :)

How is your pink bdw doing??

Thanks for all!


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