WANTED: Wanted: any Brug cuttings or plants

oxmyx(6)September 7, 2007

I have a beautiful yellow which turns to golden peach/orange.

The flowers stay partly open all day, and at night it has a great fragrance. It blooms at all leaf axis, not just at the 'Y's It is currently 7 1/2 ft tall.

Will post picture soon on Brug forum.

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Hi Oxmyx,
I have Sauveolens white brug cuttings to trade for your
yellow that turns peach/orange.
Please email me,
Many thanks,

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Oxmyx: Can I buy some of your cuttings? That plant sounds beautiful!

I don't have much to trade. Most of my stuff is still "green." Hence why I'm offering to buy from you rather than trade. My stuff is all very young. Not sure my cuttings would survive for you. But NEXT year, I'll have lots of hardwood cuttings to send to people!

But, I have a "Breezy" (or is it Christine) that is really amazing - it's my favorite. Opens white, then turns pink/peach. I have some "smaller" pinks - currently at 4 feet (that's all the larger they will get) that smell like a ROSE. I also have two yellows - at 6 feet - that smell like baby powder.

Would any of those be of any interest? I won't have tons, but I will have a few if you're interested - but I'll purchase them from you if I don't have anything you're interested in.

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No need to pay, unless you want a large quantity.
What you have sounds good. please email me.

(I thought you didn't have a yellow.)

Buds are huge about to extend, hopefully it will bloom in full, soon.

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I have NOID yellows - it's my Dr. Seuss and Charles Grimaldi that are just now getting up and running. (And well, don't have a Valley Sunshine or a Jean Pasko any more.)

Ok - warning. . . .my tempuratures are pitching toward the 30s ALREADY. . .mostly still 50s and 40s at nite, but heading toward 38 on Thursday. (can't believe this!)

I'll shoot you an email. . . .guess I need to accelerate getting them inside.


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Dweeb I don't think I'll complain about my nighttime temps hitting the upper 50's/low 60's anymore. I can't believe that you are already hitting the 30's. It's so depressing : (

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hmmm .... technodweeb,
been watching that cold weather creep towards
Connecticut, looks like it will not really get here, at least modified, so we still have nights in the 50s

This will be great, since the calyxes have basically formed, and I am just waiting for the ladies to emerge.
7-10 have pre-emerged (early for the show :) )

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Sorry for you technodweeb I assume yours might not get to bloom :(

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Thanks Karen and Oxmyx.

The whites have taken so long, yellows and pinks were getting ready again. . .

Can't BELIEVE we've pitched down so fast. . .was sweltering last week at 94. . .

64/44 today/tonite (43 right now), 79/55, 65/38 Friday, 63/41 Saturday. . .

Maybe the garage for right now - just until I get the bubbler assembled so I can take cuttings for trade.

In either case, they need to come inside somewhere, I'm on the edge already. . .

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B-O-B up and waiting for cuttings!! Willing to buy and or pay postage for some Light or Dark Pink Brugs. Have several white noids and Chas. Grimaldi, but am a beginner and most of my Brugs are too young to cut this year. Thanks, Gloria

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