WANTED: How much do you charge for 'for postage' cuttings ?

SmokyMist(7 East TN)October 22, 2008

I just wondered what some of you use as a guide when sending brugmansia cuttings for postage? I just had somebody tell me they were charged $11.00 for two cuttings, but I've sent many cuttings before for $6.00 or less. Priority mail boxes are free, delivery confirmation is free. For $6.00 I easily sent out 6-7 mature cuttings. NOT saying I'm doing that now LOL...but I am thinking of a future freebie offer ( please dont' post that you want in on it now, I'm not ready yet.)

So i'm just curious what you would charge somebody postage for sending cuttings ? What is the average ?

I think charging too much, is the same as selling, and that is not allowed on Gardenweb.

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I really don't have brugs to take cuttings of, but with any other plant trade/SASE I do, I never ask for more than the amount of postage it cost me to mail out. I do most of the postage online which cost less and you get free confirmation. Seeds, I just send off at no charge as others do lots of times.

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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

I totally agree eloise, otherwise it's selling.

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I have got them few medium size ones (

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Here is the way you need to think about it, if you really want a certain brug, say 1 cutting, and they want $10 to ship, you have to decide is it worth it to you. If it's not, forget it and move on. Sometimes $10 for 1 is a deal, other times it's not !! Just depends on how bad you want it.

Smokymist, I did see the post in " list your wants part 2", and I agree with you. There was a person that complained about someone wanting $10 to ship 2 cuttings. Then they turned around and did basically the same thing. I think most of the forum readers missed that post.

I send either free or charge the exact postage. But that is just me. I will say this, unless you have sent out tons of cuttings, you can't imagine what a pain it is. I sent out 4-5 boxes on Monday, and it took me all day. I really liked the people I was sending to, so it was worth the effort on my part. If a total stranger is sending you cuttings, that is another story. They spend money on paper towels, baggies, go cut them, wrap them up, box them up, get the address correct, go to the post office, then pray that they get their postage back ... LOL

This is just my thoughts.

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I received some brug cuttings last year in a bubble envy. They were wrapped with the damp paper towels and plastic on the ends and did well. It only cost a couple of dollars to send, can't remember how much. At this time of year it is not so hot and I send lots of cuttings this way. Just remember to wrap in newspaper or something to keep them away from the plastic bubbles.

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