Bulbs in Home depot

gardenerprer(9a Phoenix)December 2, 2012

I saw bulbs at home depot today at discounted rate.. Anyone has good experience with those? There were Daffodils(5-6 varities), Freesia, Gladiolus, etc.
I have already planted some which I got online and they have started sprouting. But these from Home depot were so cheap that I can't resist not buying them. :) but wanted to know how they do here if someone bought those.
Also, would I be able to plant them right now? Would they be able to bloom this season.
Thank you!!!

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A few years back I bought daffodill bulbs from HD. They were in a lg gunny sack and were $10.00. I couldn't resist either. They did quite well. I planted right away BUT I am in a lot colder area than you, so not sure. They did bloom in the spring. Would I buy those again if I had the chance -you bet.

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gardenerprer(9a Phoenix)

Thank you..Will get those.. hehe.. And I can tuck them in right now?

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gardenerprer(9a Phoenix)

Also, you know what they are 1.50$ for 10 bulbs I guess.. wow right.. :)

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