re-potting amaryllis

leftynh6(6)October 17, 2013

I live in a retirement facility
Last Christmas season when I announced that I was going to try to keep my amaryllis over for next year I found 8 other orphans out side my door. In mid May I placed them in my small assigned flowerbed. Sept. 6th I lifted them, drenched them with Malathion and then with Wilt Pruff. They have been a wine cooler @ 50deg. F. ever since.

How long do they need to be there to achieve dormancy?

How many weeks from cooler to bloom?

Obviously I am a novice, AT 80 yr., so any help will be appreciated.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

4-6 weeks of cool and dark should be enough to trick them into blooming. I would make sure that the cooler is open to allow for good airflow (avoid mold, etc). Why the Wilt Pruff (not familiar with that)?

Once that time in the cooler has passed and they are planted (I'd think now might be ok) you should see signs of scapes shortly and blooms (with/or without leaves) by Thanksgiving or the December holidays. Blooms within 4-6 weeks...guesstimate!


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Hi Lefty,

I'm not sure if the effects of Wilt Pruf will be kind or detrimental as Wilt Pruf's purpose is to lock in moisture and keep leaves from desiccation during the winter. Sprayed on a bulb It might work just fine or might cause mold to form from the inside out. Please let us know how you make out with this experiment.

You've done a good deed in rescuing all those bulbs and you might want to think about re-gifting them back to the folks who gave them to you in the first place as they're likely to end up with another for the holidays anyway and next year you'll end up with 16!! Good Luck!!


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Hi dondeldux / kabohem,

Thanks for your input. I've started a sequential repotting and if I am faithful to my note taking I should get a reasonable time from dormancy to bloom - understanding that genetic differences will affect the time required.

I closely examined all nine bulbs and they appeared, to a novice, to be in beautiful condition. Definitely no signs of any mold. I put the ones not potted now back into cold storage and will start out potting one each week.
Stay tuned for thrilling updates!


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Lefty, I meant to say it's great that your place has garden spots for the residents. I have a friend in a retirement village near me and he has asked me to help get the management to put in small garden plots for the residents. Any advice? Do you have speakers come talk about gardening? I would think the local Boy and Girl scouts would be able to help get things rolling and it would provide good interactions for the residents and younger people.

Wish me luck!

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I repotted the Amaryllis I got last year on the 20th of this month, and already there is some green in the middle! It is under a flourescent lamp on my bookcase where it is a cheery 69 degrees. More updates later, (not as many as the last time), hee, hee.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Nopets....please don't try to top last year's record for scape watch POSTS! (hehehe)....Did you manage to get more bulbs, or are you limiting yourself to a single amaryllis??

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Right now I am limiting myself to just one, space being a issue and I think I drove my hubby and you kind folks crazy with one, do you really think I want to do that again with more than one? We are just going to do one this time and see what happens, it is growing pretty fast so far.

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There are two bits of green coming up instead of just one, I am so excited, will try to take a picture for you.

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Amaryllis is still doing quite well. Will not take anymore until they are well on there way to growing, just wanted to show you the progress so far.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

NoPets...please start a new thread with your as not to "hijack" the other thread and so people can find it easier.

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I am sorry, I did not mean to "hijack" some one else's thread. I just wanted to show you the updated photo of my plant. Thanks kaboehm for telling me, I was wondering why no one was saying anything, I was afraid I scared them off and they thought I was going to go crazy again this year!lol.

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See if this works, I won't take any more pics until they bloom, hoping for about 6 blooms on each stalk, if that does happen I will be excited, 4 was pretty but 6 wow!

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