Wildflower Seed Balls

V8Vega(9)December 10, 2012

I tossed out .5 LB. of wildflower seed (S.W.-Perennial/Annual) out on my Sunizona property last spring and never had 1 plant grow.
This year I was planning to make seed balls.

Do any of you have any advise on the best way to make them for my area (Sunset zone 10)? What's the best time of year to put them out? Am I wasting my time?
The seed isn't real cheap so I want the best shot at success.
Thanks, Wayne.

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Hello V8, I have done seed balls in the past and saw absolutely no results from them. In fact I found several intact seed balls a year later. If you are here in the valley, I will happily gift you the rest of the clay I have. I thought I had the recipe on my computer but don't see it now. Just Google for a recipe. Good luck, let me know if they germinate. Maybe my mix was too dense and the ball never dissolved. Dunno but it was disappointing.

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The best time to plant wildflowers in AZ is in the fall. Scatter the seeds before the winter rains, rake them in lightly and hope for the best. Or water them fairly well every week or two to mimic a nice rainy winter. We have tyhe best wildflower seasons after a wet fall aand winter.

I mix mine with sawdust and used coffee grounds to confuse the birds.

If you cover the area you planted with a light layer of branches it seems to help.

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I throw them out across the gravel areas and then soak them down, they pop up in the spring. Once I have scattered them out there, I "rain" on them for a couple of weeks, so far, it's worked out pretty well, throw mine out end of Nov..last spring I had a yard full come up..

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Hi Mary. I bought some clay already but, thank you...I really appreciate the offer.
I was hoping to use the Monsoon rains that are much more reliable down there, but if I need to throw the balls out in the fall/winter, I guess I'm wasting my time & money.
The land is raw, so I only have Mother Nature for water.

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