B. Escargo (help for my mom)

Carrie BOctober 15, 2013

Just received this from email my mom (who lives in central NJ):

"Subject: Escargo begonias

A favor: I love these and can't keep them alive for more than 5 months - if I'm lucky. I looked on-line for their care, and besides stating how easy they are to grow, I see conflicting advice concerning watering and sun. They seem to agree on the need for humidity, but what can I do about that? I have them on the porch in the summer, and on a windowsill in the winter: it doesn't matter, they die where ever they are. Do you know anyone who can help?

Can you help me to be a better daughter?

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Escargot (with a T on the end - French snail) is a finicky begonia. Does wonderful in summer outdoors but eventually goes into a nose dive indoors and dies. The only one I've been able to keep alive for the last two winters is in a terrarium full time. This will keep it on the small side unless you have a big terrarium but at least it is living and thriving.

Apparently it needs a lot more humidity indoors than most other begonias. Yet it seems to be the one that attracts a lot of attention from first time begonia buyers which kind of leaves a sour taste in potential future begonia buyers.

Here is my sole Escargot (I lost the two big ones this past winter). It is in a big acrylic ice bucket with a salad bowl lid.

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Lid off.

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What a well grown Escargot should look like (at least in summer). RIP

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