nelumbifolia have brown edges

masonleona(9b)October 22, 2005

Most of my nelumbifolia have brown edges and ratty looking leaves. I don't see holes like snails or worms are eating them. They get lots of water with irrigation and I have sprayed for fungus with no result. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

When would be best time to move these very large plants if I decide the location is wrong--partial sun/partial shade now.

Thanks for any help.

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Mine is doing the same thing. I assumed it was the boron (mineral) in my well water. But my other thought was lack of humidity. Do you have boron in your water (or are you on municipal water)?

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Are these old or new leaves? Mine has brown edges on the older leaves but the new ones look fine. Of course I have to grow mine in a pot so we have different growing conditions.

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Mine is just the same, new leaves look great, old ones have brown edges. I also think that the warm wind we have here is doing the damage. Mine is also in a pot.

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just got back from trip and thank you all for your postings!

These are large plants in the ground with irrigation-- good water. I saw what I thought were these same begonias in landscapes in Palm Beach and they looked great--no brown leaf edges just big green dinner plate leaves and nice bloom spikes. I chose them for my beds because they looked so good in the ground in those settings. Don't know what is wrong here but maybe its too much sun. I checked with the grower before buying and they are supposed to tolerate sun pretty well.

Anyway, they have been a pretty expensive disappointment since I planted a bunch--10 plants. Maybe I'll just move them to full shade.

Any other ideas? And thanks again.

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I think you'll be happier with them in the shade, all right. Mine may get a very little sun in the early morning, but it usually in bright shade, and looks quite amazingly good having been through Rita. Some of mine lost almost all their leaves, tho' more are coming without any problem. Hurricane resistance is a quality I hadn't thought about before, but it's been interesting--and I suppose something we may need to think about in the future.

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