joieluOctober 6, 2007

Two of my favorite Gardening places had quite a problem with mildew this year. The one place has the most beautiful Begonias I have ever seen. It lifts your spirits just to walk into the Greenhouse, but this time I was soooo saddened by what I found. Most of the plants were dead. He said they were hit with mildew so he just stopped watering them. That probablly saved some of them. I offered to save what I could and he told me to take them. I wound up with 18 hanging baskets that I am trying to save. I have asked around and have gotten various answers as to what to do to save them. So far I have cut off all the mildewed leaves I have found. Presently they are outside and will have to be brought inside soon. What do I do next?

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Sadly this is the time for mildew to hit. With cool air and moist air and soil the conditions are ripe for mildew attacks. Look through some old posts on this forum about mildew and you will see many ideas on this problem. Definitely cut off bad leaves, let the soil dry out quite a bit, give good air circulation, spray with fungicides, and if you can give them a warm, well lit environment they should succeed. I battle this each year and wonder if the best thing to do is bring them indoors before cool weather hits.

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gregsytch(z9b Tampa Bay)

Mildew is easy to control. Just use a fungicide labeled for mildew and spray weekly. Keep in a area that gets good air movement and remove all debris affected. Mildew thrives in cool temps, so if you can, find a warmer area. Preventitive spraying will not allow mildew to start next time. I spray monthly in my vast collection and I almost never have it, even with those famous attractors like 'Sinbad', 'Arabian Sunset' and U062. Greg in HOT New Port Richey FL

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