New to Rex Begonias with questions

BenkoOctober 21, 2012

I'm about a year new to houseplants and had some good luck with a few easy growing plants. I couldn't resist buying the one you see in the attached pic at whole foods. I live in 9th floor apt with large east facing windows.


1. I've read that Rexs like humidity but not being directly misted. Do they need extra humidity even in the fall/winter? Does placing the pot on some pebbles which are in water really do anything?

2. I've read that Rexs like strong indirect light. Is direct light 4' away from east facing window close enough?

3. Anything else I should know? Oh and if anyone knows the name of this particular kind of Rex, I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for your time!.


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Most plants like some humidity but rexes should do fine with normal air. If you burn wood then you may want to add some moisture (more for your own comfort than the plant's).

Good light helps but not all that necessary either. My daughter's rex survived and thrived in a dim area of her dining area for a couple of years. (Go figure) Let the plant tell you what it likes and doesn't. I keep most of mine under shop lights in the basement but have also had them on a baker's rack in the kitchen right next to a south facing window. If I feel like it is too hot then I turn the blinds up to deflect some of the sun but I don't think it hurts the plants either.

Do be aware that rexes often go into a semi-dormancy in winter so don't worry if they drop all their leaves - DO NOT keep the soil wet if this happens. Don't let it dry out completely either (they don't go into full dormancy like a bulb).

Rexes also are susceptible to mildew in cooler temps. Spray the leaves with some kind of anti-fungal treatment if you see small spots appear. Mildew shouldn't kill the plant but can make it very unsightly.

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They're very adaptable. I've got most of my rhizomatous ones in a south window since last month; I was worried that was too much sun and was prepared to use a sheer curtain but no need; everybody's putting out new growth. I've also got one poor soul at work under dim light and he's hanging on, not growing much, but hanging on just fine.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

What a beautiful plant, hope it does well!

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I have Rex's for trade if anyone is interested.

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