HAVE: Charles Grimaldi Plants & Other Cuttings

jas4141(Zone 5)October 14, 2007

I have some beautiful Charles Grimaldi plants ( 8-10") that I'd like to share with others. If you're interested, let me know. I, also, have a few cuttings to share. I'm pretty well loaded with brugs at this time but would share with you for postage or trade for something "I can't live without".

Email me for details.


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Sending you an email.

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Also, sent you an email. Thanks. Eloise

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cherylk(Z5-Cent IL)

I would love a cutting of Charles Grimaldi and any other brugs (other than versicolor - I have several of those) for postage.


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Hello! Thank you for the offer! I am really excited to have a a Charles Grimaldi cutting for postage if you still have some! THANK YOU!! Emailing you now...

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Would be happy with any cutting for postage.My e-mail is on its way!

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I looked at your list (trying to figure out what to entice you with) but did not find a list. Why don't you e-mail me and I will do my best to try to work out a trade. Thanks

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Baylady(Z8 Va)

I'd love to have a cutting of CG and any others you'd like to share; thought i had one CG but obviously not once it bloomed. So sad...
See if there is anything you'd like to trade for or I'd love to do postage.
Please let me know.

Here is a link that might be useful: LU's page

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I would be beyond thrilled with whatever you may have left over. And will be happy to send postage. I have no brugs, and would love to start growing a few. I love white and pink, but not fussy as to what you would be willing to send me.
I don't have any named anything with the exception of one Deep purple iris named Roman Lover, but will be happy to send some if you like.

Thank you so much for any consideration.


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I would love some cuttings. I have Dr. Suess and CGrim already but if you have other to share id love that. I can share my Dr. Suess or do postage. Thanks Bunches.

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jas4141(Zone 5)

Linda, Carolyn and the last party please contact me at my regular email address about the cuttings. Also, anyone that I told I'd have some at a later date. I'm out of the Charles Grimaldi plants but could do cuttings of CG and others for postage. Look forward to hearing from you.


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