amaryllis dormancy and transplant

whyang(z5 IN)October 14, 2006

great forum, guys and gals!

i live in a small apartment and it has been referred as "the jungle". can't live without my plants...

now, i have a few questions that i have to throw it out to the masses. Got few bulbs at the evil empire of walmart, and they bloomed daintily in 02/06 and now they have grown to unmanageable sprouts of leaves. I do use fluorescent bulbs, albeit 23w only for about 12 hr a day on a east facing window, which is probably not enough. I dug my fingers into the pots, and felt that the bulbs have grown in size. One of the bulbs even has two new plants sprouting out.

I have two pots, with four bulbs each in them, and mind you, one of the bulbs has two other offsprings now.

It is now mid october in a zone 5, My questions are...

-should i force them into dormancy? (by withdrawing water and placing them in the dark closet?)

* if forcing, is it enough to just withdraw water/light and let them dry out for 8 weeks?

* do i have to place them in cold/cool refrigerator, i.e. 4'C/36'F?

-if i don't force them into dormancy, i know i won't get timed blooms... which is ok, i guess i will just leave it to mother nature decide on the blooming time. As you can see from the picture though, they have become rather crowded.

* WHEN do i transplant? can i transplant with all the leaves flopping around, to take them out of the pot? doesn't that "damage" the plant, therefore requiring about a month or two of recovery, consuming bulb energy, and therefore one might as well force them?

* do i force them into dormancy and then transplant?

* do i bite down, endure the messy leaves and wait till they rebloom, if ever?

Any pointers would greatly be appreciated.

before the mess... double minerva and double nymph

february 2006

current mess... october 15, 2006

before the mess... february 2006

current mess october 2006

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They've been planted and growing since 2/06?

Your leaves look healthy, but the bulbs are definitely in very crowded conditions.

If they were mine, and I lived in your zone, I would divide and transplant them now. As to whether to remove the leaves, that is a decision you will have to make. Actually, they will let you know right away if they do not like being transplanted. You will see the leaves start to change color and wilt. At that time, it would be best to remove the leaves. It seems to be the bulb's way of letting you know that it does not have the energy to support the older leaves.

In any case, it will not damage your bulbs to remove all of the leaves, then transplant.

When I divide and transplant, I simply do my best not to disturb the roots any more than I have to...

I have never forced dormancy. I have never totally witheld water. I simply do not water them as much if they decide to go dormant.

And, yes, I have been known to remove older leaves that have been damaged by the outside elements and/or old age.

However, I am in a different climate and mine stay outside for about 9 months out of the year.

If they are big and healthy, they bloom. If they shrivel any at all or are damaged in any way, they won't.

Hopefully, others in your zone can offer more help. I do not believe in forced dormancy. I simply let them bloom when they are ready. That's my choice, and I'm glad to have that choice. It's up to you!

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