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birdsnbloomsOctober 30, 2009

Howdy. I'm new on the Begonia Forum. Never knew it existed, until a friend suggested I come here to ask about two Begonia problems.

My dh surprised me with a Begonia 'Curly' Fireflush from Logees. It arrived fairly fast, was well packed, but when he mentioned the type, it didn't look like the right plant.

Here is the Begonia they sent.

I contacted Logees about another..they wrote back saying I'd be getting the correct 'Begonia CURLY Fireflush'

A few days later I get a second Begonia..Here's the pic.

Here a pic with both begonias side by side.

I don't know if anyone here is familiar with Begonia 'Curly' Fire Flush, but it differs from Begonia Fire Flush. Here's a picture of the plant my dh planned and paid for from Logees..Sorry, I know typing links is a pain, but I'd appreciate the help.


Is it my imagination or are the two Begonias the same type? Do they look the same or different from Logee's photo?

Logees sent the second plant for free...but free or not, I chose the Curly opposed to standard Fireflush..my dh doesn't normally order plants online, so he's a bit irked, too. Please, if anyone can tell me if the second Begonia is the same as the plant on Logees page, (Begonia 'Curly Fireflush, not Fireflush) or if both begonias I received are similar I'd really appreciate your help.

In my eyes, the B. 'curly' Fireflush looks different than the two plants Logees sent here.

I'm not exactly new to common Begonias, but don't know much about rarer types. Is it possible Begonia 2 needs to mature before it looks like the one on Logees page? If so, what about the color? The Begonia I got is much darker green. There's definately less swirl/curly. Please help..Thanks so much, Toni

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The second C.F. looks more promising than the first one for being "curly" but it will be a while before it looks like the one in the link provided. You might ask Logee's how long it will take for a young one they ship to look like the one they show a picture of.

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HC...Thanks..So, are you saying the Begonia Fireflush will take more time before it looks like B. Curly for certain? lol..
I wrote to Logees regarding another plant but that issue was never resolved. But for the price of this plant, I would like to be 100% positive..Know what I mean?

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I would ask Logee's if the plant you got from them is supposed to look like it does compared to the one on their web site (young vs. how old and how big?). I don't know about C.F. itself since it seems to be one of the ones that seem difficult to grow. I do know that lots of begonias look totally different as young plants and mature plants in size and appearance. This may be one of them.

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Ispahan Zone6a Chicago

From my experience with begonias, including B. 'Curly Fireflush', the "curly" factor definitely only develops as the plants mature. I think both plants you have are actually 'Curly Fireflush'. They look nice and healthy. Just give them time to grow and develop and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Ispahan..Thanks..Both Begonias were purchased from Logees.. www.logees.com After the first Begonia 'Fire Flush' was shipped, they emailed admitting to sending the wrong plant..If you check their site, they sell both Standard Fireflush, and Curly FireFlush.
The picture and plant they sent me differ quite a bit..Even colors. The one on their site is lighter green, mine is dark. Its leaves are a lot curlier too.
I don't know if they wrote mature height, but the one they sent is tall. Unless FireFlush grow several feet, plus, I can't see it changing by much..
Thanks anyway..I havent' written for the fact I emailed regardning another plant and that was never resolved.
Since I do quite a bit of online ordering...this nursery will not get my business. Toni

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