WANTED: Datura Seeds

hummingbirddaisyOctober 24, 2006

I am looking for the double yellow and the double purple, and some fresh seed from the huge white fragrant.

My listed is fairly up to date. Please take a look and let me know if we can trade!



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I have some Datura which might interest you. I recently came upon some seeds from a double yellow, which I would be glad to trade, but I don't know what kind of white you want. I have some Datura inoxia, which is quite fragrant during the night, especially right when the flower opens for the first time. Take a look:





Once again, I don't know if you're looking for Datura inoxia. There is a single white variety of Datura metel called Belle Blanche, but I don't have that. People have been asking about my Datura wrightii lately. You might be interested in that. It has the largest flower diameter of the Datura genus, with a blue to violet coloration along the flower's edge. It''s easily the most fragrant Datura I have. I'll get some pictures of that when the new flowers open, which should be in a day or two.

That covers me. Unfortunately, I can't find anything that interests me on your exchange list. Where do you live? You might have some Datura species growing along your roadside in your state that suits my curiosities.

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