What kind of begonia is this and can I overwinter?

WendyB(5A/MA)October 13, 2007

I've never had a begonia that I liked so much and wanted to save for next year.

How cold can it take it outside? Can it take a light frost or should I get it in soon?

Is this angel wing or dragon wing? or some other wing? Can I take cuttings? water or soil? Can I cut it back and keep it under lights in cool basement?

so many questions...

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It looks very much like 'Sinbad' which is classified as a shrub. It is also a Mallet type which means it has some U062 parentage. The problem with Mallets is they are very prone to mildew in fall and winter (cool, damp conditions). Warmth, lots of light, controlled watering (this plant is somewhat drought tolerant), and good air circulation will help minimize this problem. I cut off most bad leaves when I can to help minimize fungal disease but the spores are on the stems as well (spraying may help some).

You can propagate it very easily by stem cuttings (I prefer water rooting). A cool basement is not ideal for this particular plant because it will probably drop all its leaves when it is moved indoors and possibly die by spring. Cuttings may be your best bet if you cannot provide a warm place in your house.

It has become more mainstream in the last few years and one gallon sizes can be had for a modest $5 so I could (should) start treating this beauty as an annual like I already do with 'Dragon Wings'.

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Yup its definitely Sinbad. Shrub type makes sense because it did get HUGE. Thanks for the thorough answers.

Now that I have a name, I googled it and found it is a Proven Winner, so I probably will be able to find it next year. But I will still try to the cuttings approach in front of a window anyhow. THis year I had purchased it from a Begonia specialty vendor at a plant show. Glad to know it is becoming mainstream. It was wonderful all year.


Seeing as you obviously know your begonias, can you ID this one. I didn't like it as much as Sinbad. It was a bit too dramatic for me. (which probably makes me not a candidate for begonia-addiction) whew...

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also, the flower color on the above pic did not photograph well. They were actually nearly red.

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Looks like 'Torch'. Tough and reliable and I agree that is not as dramatic as 'Sinbad'. It can get mildew as well (most canes can (and will) get mildew) but is not as affected by it as 'Sinbad' and other mallets.

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