H. Reticulatum question

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)October 20, 2013

I bought a pot of these of eBay at the urging of another lister on this forum.
There were 11 bulbs in that one small pot so I split them up. I have 5 bulbs in a good-sized pot and they have been thriving in the kitchen's greenhouse window. About a month ago, one bulb's leaves started to turn brown and wilt. Now it looks like other leaves from other bulbs are wilting and turning brown. This seems more extreme than just the oldest leaf from each bulb dying. The pot only gets watered about once a week.

Do these bulbs go dormant during the colder months? The mornings have been cooler, but today is the real first cold morning (43!). I'm scratching my head as to why these Reticulatum bulbs seem to be heading downhill. They are not root bound by any means. I put them in the larger pot so that they could be left undisturbed for at least a couple of years. Guess I may unpot them to see if there's rotten roots or something odd going on.

I'm baffled!

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Out of the 5 bulbs, one had rotted and disappeared and another was on its way out (rotted on the inside, working it's way to the outside).

I pulled all the bulbs out and cleaned them well. It looks like there is evidence of insect damage, so I have doused them with an insecticide AND a miticide. Ugh. I am cooking the soil at 300* to kill anything that could be in the soil.

The bulbs have gotten huge and are at least 5x as big as the small ones growing under the lights in my room.

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I doubt they go dormant, at least they haven't yet for me and it is a touch colder here. Mine all had yellow leafs when i got mine and were mostly 1-2 leafers. After i rescued mine they have started sending up new leafs.

Mine are nowhere near as big but i'm satisfied with the way mine are doing. It is such a shame as yours has so many leafs and are so big. :(

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Howdy Kristi, You probably know the routine with these. Low light, and top of the bulb level with the surface of the soil. I use granular fungicide sometimes in my Hippeastrum mix.

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Hi Pat

Can i ask what the granular fungicide is called? Sounds interesting.

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