HAVE: Ecuador Pink & Versi Peach for Charles Grimaldi

dirtygardener73(9a)October 27, 2010

I have unrooted tip and stem cuttings from Ecuador Pink and Versicolor Peach to trade for Charles Grimaldi. Mine died years ago, and I really miss him! I am also looking for Shredded White and any variegated variety. I'll do a 2/1 for nice variegated cuttings.

I'll trade for other tropicals as well, so make me an offer and we'll see what we can do.

I like to trade 3 cuttings per trade of each variety to make sure you get at least one to root, so three for three.

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I will have Charles Grimaldi, next spring, right now it's not big enough too cut, so keep in touch, also I have a trade going, I still might be able to get you one
keep in touch, we'll see what we can work out, is there anything else you're looking for? I have a lot of Brugs
it would take 2 pages too list them all

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I think, I may have a few nice cuttings of Charles Grimaldi for you, dirtygardener73. Please, e-mail me through the GW. I also have variegated Maya and a few other named brugs.

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