Hippeastrum aulicum

CurlyYuki(9)October 27, 2013

My first Hippeastrum aulicum

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Very pretty, Curly Yuki and welcome to the forum!

Tell us a little about your aulicum; what variety it is (if you know) and where did you get it and how log have you had it? And not to be nosey but do I see a very interesting flower in the background...a mandonii perhaps?

Are you going to do a little hybridizing with your aulicum? I have one opening myself In a few days and I'm going to put some frozen papilio pollen on one of them!


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Thanks Donna..
We ordered this H. aulicum and few other Hippeastrums early this year from Telos Rare Bulbs, they came in July (as they stated) The bulbs were very healthy. i was hoping papilio has flower but turn out aulicum had first. i hand pollenated the mandonii to this aulicum...You have good eyes vision Donna!
I wonder what it will turn out since they both have green in?
I am not new to Hippeastrum. I like hybridizing on any flowers that i can get my hand on:) Can't wait until next year so i can cross more.
I come here off and on just don't have time to chat. I really enjoy all the great photos of your and other members. and learned a lot from this forum!

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Hi CurlyYuki,

I bought an aulicum from Telos too! Mine just arrived a few weeks ago with a bud already up about 3 inches! It is opening right now and I'll be posting pictures in the next few days. I also had bought two others varieties earlier this spring from them that are doing well (wonder if we bought the same ones...?)

I have some frozen papilio pollen from a friend that I will use on one flower, not sure yet what I'll do with the second as I don't have too much other pollen that is fresh. But, papilio is the one I most wanted to pair it up with!

I also bought an aulicum from Komoriya and even though it has an affliction of sorts (mites) it bloomed with 2 flowers and on those I put a papilio hybrid and the second flower I scraped the sides of my containers containing my much older papilio pollen. I dabbed each flower about 3 times a day for 4 consecutive days and then I stopped. At the time it didn't appear that either one had taken but today both pods are swelling (at least they aren't shriveling yet..). The problem is that I got impatient with the flower with my older papilio pollen and since I didn't think it had much chance, I dabbed it with some Exotic Star pollen also figuring what the heck! So now if that pod produces seeds I won't ever know for sure if it was x papilio or Exotic Star. But on my newer aulicum opening now I will use the other papilio pollen and I will know for sure.

I think mandonii is a strangely beautiful flower with a bit of an evil look to it. I once told someone that if the devil had a flower it would be mandonii I don't know whether or not they agreed though... I should think that pairing it with aulicum should be interesting. (I do have 2 smaller mandoniis which are alive but not doing much else...) Is there any chance you could post a picture of your mandonii (?) it looks to be a stunner....

NIce to talk to you and don't be a stranger to the forum.

Do you happen to know what the variety of aulicum that Telos is selling would be? As mine is opening it appears to be a more lighter orange color than the one from Komoriya. As it opens more I will see if there are any other differences. I don't really want to pollinate the two together as I also have another pot of 5 good sized aulicum seedlings from seeds from another generous part-time forum viewer.


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