overwinter angel wing begonia

florrie2November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

I have a lovely angel wing begonia that I got from cuttings several years ago. I put the pot on my deck and it blooms all summer, but when I bring it inside (now), it dies back. The first time it happened, I though it was a goner, but behold! In the spring the pot started showing green shoots! Imagine my surprise.

It does this every year. Now I have several that have been seeded from the original, and they ALL do it!

I have great winter light, orchids, bromeliads, African violets bloom constantly, but this begonia just dies back to the ground.

Advice, please, should it do this?

Thanks, Florrie

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A picture would help ID it so we could give better feedback.

From the sound of your description, it sounds like the hardy begonia (B. grandis). If this is the case, then it will always go dormant, returning in the spring from bulbils and possibly seed. A true cane begonia (sometimes called an angel wing begonia) will never go completely dormant or die to the ground. It may drop all its leaves but with the right amount of light and water it should leaf out easily and perhaps bloom indoors.

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Gosh! I thought it was angel wing - that's what the grower said it was. I'd like to send a picture, but there's nothing to photograph now [grin].

I did have some hardy begonias that seeded themselves into my yard, but the deer would get at them. Maybe they've replaced the "angelwing"

Thanks for your help!


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