HAVE: Will Trade Plumeria Cuttings For Brug Cuttings

carolann_z8(8)November 1, 2005

I have fallen in love with Brugs and would like to trade some Plumeria cuttings for either Verigated Brug or Double Brug cuttings.

I'm fairly new at growing Brugs but I also have a few Brug cuttings I could trade.

You can email me at Caturpen@prodigy.net or post here.

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You have mail.



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cdonelson(zone7 TX)

I have lots of Brugs but none are old enough to get cuttings from. I just got started in them myself. I would love to have a cutting from your Plumeria. Look at my list and see if you might want to trade for something. Or I could send you a cutting from Datura Double Blackcurrant Swirl if you are interested. It is like the Brug. It is Purple and very beautiful. blooms hundreds of very large flowers and has a seed pod behind each bloom. LMK if you are interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: My Trade List

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Jack, I couldn't get my email to go through to you. I would like to see your list of brugs.

Cathy, I don't really see anything I want to trade for. I'm fairly new into brugs too so we must have the same brugs and I have lots of daturas so don't need any more.
Maybe we can trade later down the line.

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bobbih(z10 San Diego)

I have many brugs that I can take cuttings from. I also have some rooted. What colors are your plumeria? Are they named? Bobbi

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kathy_ann(zone 7)

CarolAnn I sent you an email. I no longer have my plants for trade listed here but I can send you the list of my brugmansias. Just let me know if your still trading.


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Yes, I still have some cuttings of Plumeria and look forward to trading.

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grannybj65(z7 Miss.)

Did you trade all of what you needed....I can send nice big cuttings of the double white, can send a nice cutting of peaches and cream and probable a cutting of Herrenhauser Garten for some nice Plumeria cuttings of diff colors...let me know if you are interested...e-mail me private okey dokey lol grannybj

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josette_sc(8 SC)

I have white Suaveolens if you are interestes

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trigger_m(7b georgia)

i have some double white rooted cuttings i'd love to trade for a plumie cutting.what colors do you have?

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I am looking for any plumeria...I have black bamboo and Chinese Parasol Tree seeds for trade...Thanks, Cliff

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Hi Carol Ann-
I've sent you an email.

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