B. xanthina var. pictifolia

woebegoniaNovember 20, 2013

This is a tuberous plant grown for many years in the society as B. picta, original seeds were collected in India years ago. Generally the leaves are small, I used to think of it as a mini'; however, my tuber is so old I was very surprised to find it has produced a four inch leaf. It needs more humidity so it is not as straight as it should be. The colors truly are green with white flecks and rusty brown stripes, very striking.

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I didn't know it was tuberous. Mine just looks like the usual rhizomatous. Of course having it grown originally from Harmony helps in that respect too. Mine always looks like death in winter and is susceptible to mildew but come summer it eventually comes out and grows well often putting out blooms that never quite open all the way before it is time to take back indoors and repeat the cycle.

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I've made an error - B. picta is still just named B. picta, it has nothing to do with B. xanthina. I don't know where I got that idea, I've been thru the magazine, nothing there about that. B.picta is Section Diploclinium and B. xanthina is Section Platycentrum, they are not even related. Nonetheless, they both have pretty leaves and the rhizomatous plant has yellow flowers. Sorry for my error.

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I wouldn't have known any difference. Just didn't know about the tuberous part.

It does have yellow flowers but mine never quite makes it before I take it indoors.

Here is mine and about as close as it gets to blooming - two years in a row now.

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