wishing for a home test for TMV

dondelduxOctober 9, 2010

Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a home test... like a pregnancy test that you could preform at home with just a minimum of chemicals? Once you know a bulb is diseased it is so much easier to dispose of it, but not being sure keeps us all holding on to a prized bulb or two that we should dispose of. Just a thought....or rather a dream...I guess a dream of a greenhouse is more of a reality....

Donna, a non-chemist

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They have home test kits, if you send them an e-mail to what kind of plants your suspecting they'll inform you of which test to buy.. They have TONS :) They're located here in Indiana and they're great, they've helped me a lot.

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Donna, you can see this topic: Diseased?
May be this last post would be useful for you?

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Thank you Josh and Oleg....As of now, I have disposed of my two suspect bulbs.... if any more appear, I will give serious thought to contacting the above site...Thanks...


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