Komoriya "Fall Star"

macroclemysOctober 24, 2013

Here is my "Fall Star" from Komoriya. It is based on H. aulicum, and looks to me like an orange version of that species.

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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Super pretty! When did you buy this bulb?

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Bill, it is very pretty and very similar to h. aulicum but with less saturation of color..I wonder what they crossed h. aulicum with to get this? Do you have a guess? It's so similar that as you say it looks like a paler version of the same species. I've see another picture of Fall Star and it looks just like yours.

I have another aulicum about to bloom one that I just recently purchased from Telos Rare Bulbs because the one I got from Komoriya has issues (mites) and I don't know how long I'll have it.


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I received it in early August. Although its roots had been removed, there were several nice roots that had been growing upward under the outer, dried bulb layers. I was able to free these and bend them downward, so effectively it was a reasonably well-rooted bulb. I have no guess what aulicum might have been crossed with to get this.

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jimnpa (zone6a PA USA)

This is my "Fall Star", which bloomed about a month ago. It managed to put out 4 flowers on its single scape. I'm really not that impressed with it. It has a very washed-out "orangy" color and the flowers are only half the size of H. aulicum. I suspect that there is H. calyptratum somewhere in its background.


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Maybe Green and Saturn would have been a better choice.. did anybody get that one? I've seen some pictures from an Australian seller that bought one from Komoriya (they were just selling the pollen for megabucks) and it was very striking , very saturated color...


Here is a link that might be useful: Green & Saturn

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The color is quite different from Komoriya's picture but I do like it. I hope mine blooms like the above pictured ones and decides to join the crowd and bloom in 2013. It must not be a favorite in Japan (perhaps due to it's paler/washed out color) as Komoriya is selling bulbs of them now for a cheap price. It's good to know that it can produce 4 flowers in it's scape.

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