HAVE: Several brugs

Baylady(Z8 Va)November 10, 2007

Hi all,

Getting around to cutting these back finally. Hate to do it when they are still full of buds. Going to help a friend cut his back tomorrow, so I'm not the latest in the neighborhood!

Have to trade:

Jean Pasco

Ecuador Pink

Tropical Sunset

Frosty Pink

many NOIDs - some may be versicolor peach, some of the named ones above but w/o tags.

Would like to trade for Temple Goddess, Peaches and Cream, Charles Grimaldi, any with larger blooms and darker colors, especially dark pinks or something like Xena.

Would be interested in JMG seeds also...



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I can trade Dr. Suess cuttings for Jean Pasco.

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Oh Wow Baylady,

I'll have to look and see what I can trade with you. I am new to BRUGS but I do have several cuttings of Charles Grimaldi and I'll have to look and see what else I have 2 of.

I would dearly love one of your Jean Pasco, Ecuado Pink and Tropical Sunset. Do you by any chance have a Herrenhauser Garten. It's funny because most of the ones on you list are the ones I've been drooling over.

Thanks and get back to me ASAP.


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Hi Linda,

I would love to have Tropical Sunset. I am new to brugs and don't have any to cutting to share yet. But I do have some JMG seeds. Let me know.


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Hi Linda, I have Charles Grimaldi and Dr. Seuss. I see that you already have offers for those to trade. I also have Halo peach and insignis pink if you are interested or I could give you more Charles Grimaldi and Dr. Seuss in exchange for Ecuador Pink and Tropical Sunset. Please let me know My -e-mail is mamamy@msn.com
Thank you,

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Hi Linda, I don't have any brugs yet to trade, but i have crocosmia to trade if you like. and I would like to have Ecuador pink if you don't mind.

Thank you

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napdognewfie(MD zone 5b)

Marian, I have plenty of HHG for postage if you want one.


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Oh yes Linda, I certainly want to be on the receiving end of HHG. Please get back with me as to how much postage and all I should send. I don't mean to sound greedy but if you have plenty I'd love to have 2 cuttings in case one doesn't make it. Either way I'll be happy. Thanks for the kind offer. I'm emailing you or at least trying to.

Happy Gardening and Brugging Marian

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Linda I've tried to get ahold of you both here and in regular email. I would dearly love a start of your Herrenhauser Garten if you can spare one. Please email me and let me know how much postage to send.

Thanks for the offer Marian

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please email me through gardenweb if you have any cuttings for postage. thanks plantlover49.

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