Rex Begonias

farmerSK(SK, Canada)November 30, 2004

I've recently added 4 rex begonias to my houseplant collection. They're all NOID's (I am pretty positive that one is Fireworks) and doing well. Their light level is supplemented with lights and they all have new growth. Do they require a rest period?

Is it alright to post images of NOID's or should they be named varieties?


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I think they will require some rest period, but they will show that on their own. 'Fireworks' is one of the best rexes in my opinion. So I bought four of them and propagated several more.

Sure you can post pictures of NOID's. Look at the gallery for ideas on what is being posted. That is how a lot of NOID's get identified.


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farmerSK(SK, Canada)

Thanks Butch - I'll keep an eye on them. I'll get some decent images taken and post them to the gallery. Perhaps I can get a couple of ID's.

'Fireworks' is great isn't it? I have another one that almost feels like leather (kind of a green variegated leaf) and it looks like it might bloom as well.

Thanks again,


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