Begonia "Christmas Candy" too much sun?

wendync(7b)November 21, 2012

Hey there,

I have a Begonia "Christmas Candy" in my sunroom and I've noticed that on really sunny, bright days, the color of the green on the leaves seems to lighten and "pale" a bit. It does not wilt and hasn't burned. The deep green color returns at night and on cloudy days.

This plant sits on the eastern side of the sunroom, about 4 feet away from the southern side and gets some(mostly filtered) direct afternoon sun.

Do you think it's getting too much sun? It seems happy enough, sending out new growth/preparing new flowers?

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The trick to growing amazing begonias is to give them as much sun as you dare without burning them. It is normal for the foliage to lighten in color when the sun is shining on the plant, as long as the regular green color returns when the sun passes. Don't water a dry begonia plant when it is sitting in the sun, the plants don't take up water well when it is dry hot and sunny. The fact that your Chistmas Candy is looking healthy and getting ready to bloom shows that you are doing the right thing and giving it enough - and not too much sun.

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