HAVE: Trade or postage anyone?

kasha77November 16, 2009

I still have TONS of brug cuttings available for postage- a sweet smelling white, & fragrant yellow- a noid pink... I have some named cuttings left that I prefer to use for trade for other brugs only:

Charles Grimaldi


Versi Peach

Island Girl

Ecuador White

Frosty Pink

Dr. Seuss

White Cloud

Suaveolens White


Check my wants list on my page.



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I just found a bag of cuttings in my basement for trades - Frosty Pink & Creamsickle & Candida Double white. Check out my wants list or just ask!

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mantorvillain(z4bMN Dodge)

Good morning again. I'm in the same boat! If there is anything on my list you could use I'll gladly send it along.
Do you have Isabella? I have some trunk cuttings shooting rroots out the bottoms of pots in water and plenty of others. Also, some folks sent such beautiful, large cuttings I have multiples either still in water or in media but could send starts of Cupid's Dart, Mrs Chambers, Peaches n Cream (variegated), an unkn vs unkn cross from Knotz which hasn't bloomed yet, also her noid white w light pink shading on edges, and one more box yet to arrive!!!

I am down to the rootball of my Dr. Seuss so would gladly take a 'backup' if you still have a cutting of that. I wasn't able to successfully root and grow Heloise and Cypress Gardens from our trade this spring so if you ever have those again would be happy to do a trade for those or to send postage.

Hope your fall is as beautiful as ours.

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just wanted to thank you and encourage anyone wanting brug cuttings for postage to contact you.....this was only my 2nd try at this but the cuttings you sent me a few weeks ago are doing GREAT! rooting ... sprouting ... just GREAT! will be checking out your other offerings also...
keep up the good work

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Thanks for the compliment!

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Get ready to work! This is the box I received. It took 2 weeks to get them planted, dang weather. They did fine in water, started sending out roots and leaves.
Tally HO!

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Tally Ho!
I so enjoyed blessing everyone who received Brug cuttings from me this year- I really wished I could have seen the looks on the faces when they opened their boxes! I'm really surprised that I didn't get a very big response this year- I still have 5 joint compound buckets filled with great cuttings- guess I'll just have to plant them out next spring! Hope yours take off for you! Merry Christmas & Happy New Years'!

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dees(5 IN)

Darn, I hate that I missed this one. If you have any available in the Spring, I'd love to send postage for some. I was new this year to cuttings and have lost a few to rot, but I'm getting better.Thanks.

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Hi Dee-
If you lived in a warmer climate, I could send then now! Please contact me in the spring- I hope they last that long!

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I'm up dating my list now if any one sees any thing they would like for trade let me know. I would love Heloise
Island Girl
Ecuador White
White Cloud
take a look at my list and let me know

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I live in the warmest climate for Brugs, but all the ones at the nurseries here are totally infested with mites and i'm soo not bringing those home. Anyone have a few cuttings they can do that are still on the small size for a girl who just moved and has very few things to trade right now?

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Mantorvillain, do you still have cutting or cuttings of the variegated brug for postage? I can send you postage if you still have cutting of the variegated bruggie Pretty please? Kasha 77 are you still doing cuttings for postage ? I realise its already April way late but if you still have cuttings for postage I would love to get some cuttings, seeeds? Please let me know Marcie new.

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Sorry- no more cuttings!

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