My New Begonia

greybird_kekeNovember 26, 2012

Went to visit my daughter for Thanksgiving almost 400 miles south, so of course I had to visit her local garden shop! I found this begonia to add to my collection but unfortunately it is not named. Anyone have any ideas? It is very red and hairy on the underside. Is it a type of Rex?

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B. 'Midnight Magic' (some sites have a similar one or the same one called Tita Corkscrew). I don't think it is classified as a rex but behaves like one with its affinity for mildew. Mine always comes down with a blight of mildew when I bring it into the basement for winter but a lot of begonias are like that. I usually cut off all the affected leaves and eventually start a spraying program. This is a begonia that is a survivor (not fussy like some).

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