Questions: T. Cyanea and Albino Billbergias

dan2805January 5, 2010


Two unrelated questions.

1) My Billbergia Afterglow is flowering. I want to save some pollen and pollinate Billbergia Santa Barbara. However, because B. Santa Barbara is albo-marginated will this mean I will get albino seedlings (which I obviously do not want)?

2) My T. Cyanea Got scorched 2 months ago on a really dry day, the centre was totally brown and I though it was dead. But I hada look at it today and it looks like it is flowering? Would stress bring this on? Because I thought T. Cyanea was a winter bloomer.

Thanks in advance.

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The seedlings will most likely be albino but...some may not. Its a good experiement.
And yes the stress probaly caused the bloom

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You will get albino seedlings, probably only albino seedlings. I do have 2 seedlings that, obviously, weren't albino from pollinating B. Kyoto which is albomarginated with Neo cruenta. One of the seedlings is big and ugly and one is much smaller and looks exactly like a cruenta seedling.

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Read the post below about preventing flowering in Tillandsias. Stress, like greed, is good!

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