HAVE: Still have Brug cuttings for postage

kasha77November 3, 2008


I still have a fragrant orange noid brug that smells like Lily of the Valley- and a reliable Frosty Pink available- I have been offering a flat rate box of at least 24 huge Brug cuttings(one inch in diameter, by at least 8-12 inches long)- for $15.00 -that covers Priority shipping, handling & Delivery Confirmation.... Of course, if you don't need a forest, I can send you less! LMK- email me if interested! Many are shocked at the weight of these boxes- between 5 and 8 pounds.... (I'm not skimping on this offer!)



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I would like to apologize to anyone that has paid for my cuttings before this time & were not happy with the price & amount of brugs.. If I could do it over again- I would have done it this way in the beginning-- I don't know what else to say- except -I'm so sorry-

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