Noni MorrisonOctober 25, 2009

. She was just openng here.

This one surprised me. I thought it was bright orange but this is really quite a delicate and delicious bloom.

I don't remember if I shared Lemon Splendor with you. Here it is. Nice, nice flower!

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Both are beautiful! I love the speckling on Naomi. Great color too.

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Ditto! Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing, Lizalily!

I just love those yellowish/bordering on green flowers!

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They are gorgeous. I like this Lemon Splendor better than Lemon Lime. Particularly the flower's shape and the subtle but attractive lines along the petals. Naomi is also very pretty. Good job lizalily, enjoy their beauty!

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Lizalily, these are beautiful! Both Maguires? Will they both go into your bouquets? Alana

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Noni Morrison

Yes, these are both Maguires. I will use them in bouquets but not until I have more blossoms. I think I must get to know them better personally first, LOL. Actually, just finished summer bouquets and now have a gap until winter kicks in. So nice to have a bit of a vacation while I plant bulbs...all by hand. My older bulbs are starting to bloom again. I have a pretty San Remo blooming with Frank Maguire and Party Pooper's 2nd stem. Got my 12 new bulbs from Colorblends yesterday and more orders to follow.

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Jan Sword

Both are beautiful!!

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