new to begonias... overwintering

stogeoNovember 6, 2007

So I got a bunch of begonias early this summer... they were in a mall, and when the company changed out plants, they gave me some of these begonias. they were PERFECT and they were going to throw them away! horror!

So I took some home and planted them... then summer hit, hard! hot and no rain. they did ok for a while, but then they all seemed to have died.

then the temps eased up, we got some rain, and now that it's November and they are predicting temps into the mid 20s the next couple of nights, they are leafing out again!!

So, I just now dug up a few... put them in pots and watered.

I'm thinking about bringing them in the house, to see if they'll overwinter, maybe even bloom again this winter?

any thoughts? suggestions?

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What kind are they? Definitely bring them indoors since most begonias will not survive constant freezing temps. If non-tuberous then they should put out new growth and possibly bloom indoors if given bright light and enough fertilizer. If tuberous then typically these should be stored in a dry cool place for winter.

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