HAVE: brug cuttings

FLsun(z9FL)December 21, 2005

I will have the following cuttings after christmas as I have to cut theese all back,will trade for other brug's I don't have or perenials,list is Frosty pink,Charles Grimaldi,White candidad,pink suavolene.

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I would love some cuttings of these ones....
Charles Grimaldi,White candidad,pink suavolene

I have mostly seeds but also have some named Dahlias and Bearded Iris to trade.
I have Black Dragon Lily bulbs
Also many nice Perennial seeds...

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I would love to work something out for cuttings from each of your Brugmansia. At this time I am rebuilding my garden due to Katrina, but I do have the following plants that I could send a cutting of:
Night Blooming Cereus
Hoya Australis
Hoya Kentiana
Hoya Compacta
Hoya Carnnosa
Rosary Vine

If none of those interest you I could do postage. :O)

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Would love to trade for your pink brug cuttings or send postage or whatevers best, thanks-godsgarden9.

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