HAVE: Rooted Brug cuttings

santoury(MA)December 2, 2007

I have a whole lot of Brug cuttings - rooted, or at least with white root bumps nearly bursting!

Looking for anything - No bulbs that go dormant please.

I'm wide open - try me.

Beachplant - if you see this - email me so we can make our trade right from a couple years ago.

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sibhskylvr((Mike) Arkansas)


What brugs do you have available?


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Be patient...I am looking for you a woman :).....Edna

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Hi Santoury,
Was wondering what Brugs you have?

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Hi Ednam - Still looking :) And thank you! :)

As for the varieties, I am sorry, but they are not named. The guy I got them off didn't tag them... Sorry for the inconvenience. (It is, for me too!)

Thanks everyone, and let me know if any of you are still interested. Jude

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Sent you a email....Jackie

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SmokyMist(7 East TN)

I would love to trade with you, it's just too cold right now. Maybe it will warm up soon and we can do a trade if you're interested.

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