Full shade plants

GeeS 9bDecember 12, 2012

I'm looking for some small to medium full shade plant suggestions for the VOTS. Low water use would be a plus! Thanks!

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Succulents. Mine love full shade. Interestingly, you would think succulents would love the sun here, but the sun has killed more of my succulents than anything else. I have no idea what VOTS means though.

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GeeS 9b

VOTS = Valley Of The Sun

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Asparagus and foxtail ferns do well for me in full shade, as does vinca (the periwinkle kind).

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Many house plants do well her in full shade - spider plant, many succulents, snake plant, etc.

Go to a couple of nurseries and see what's growing in their shade houses. They have lots of things that like shade.

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