Naked 'Wineuma'

bigred(z8 Ark.)December 9, 2004

I brought my "Wineuma" begonias in several weeks ago from the greenhouse(unheated) to the light benches here in the computer room. They were HUGE and contiuned to do well until just a couple of weeks ago when the leaves began drooping like they needed water even though testing soil w/ finger showed them to be moist. I do not overwater so they're not water logged. The only thing I can think of is the drop in the outdoor temps and this room not being vented to the heat pump and only getting the heat that comes thru the door from the living room.


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I have 'Reddington Shores' which I think is very similar. Mine has done the same thing. I think this is normal. I have had mine 3 years now without any big problems. I did lose another 'Reddington Shores' probably because it was in the same pot with a very aggressive begonia. Live and learn.

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Begoniac(z10 FL)

The correct spelling is 'Wimauma'. It's a Greg Sytch hybrid, one of a series named for places in Florida. Rhizomatous begonias go through a period of semi-dormancy in winter and often lose leaves. As long as the rhizomes are still solid, without any rot, they should come back in the spring. They won't require much water until active growth restarts, so keep them on the dry side.

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