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campvDecember 12, 2012

Why is it that some people don't feel the need to rake up their leaves. They let them blow all over the neighbor hood, down the steet into other peoples yards,against fences, in planters and on others driveways. I even get some clowns leaves from 6 houses away in the pool. I guess they figure the wind will take care of it and it usually does, only everyone else will have to clean up their mess. WHATS A MATTER WITH PEOPLE! Ok now I feel some what better.

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Unless their leaves are getting blown off their trees directly into others' yards (which sounds doubtful), I totally understand your frustration.

It's a bit foreign to me though, as growing up back East there was no such thing as leaves blowing in from next door on their own: not enough wind, and too much for the leaves to get caught on/in/under.

Where I live now I only wish there were that many leaves around to nourish the soil. Yes, I do have to rake them out of certain spots, but mostly I'm able to welcome what few leaves come as a useful mulch...

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Yes, I wish more leaves would blow into my yard. More irritating is the noise from leaf blowers. People should just do it manually.

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Not that I don't sympathies but as someone who gardens in Arizona. I could use a few cubic yards of leaves for our compost pile.

What irritates me a little are all the palm prawns, soccer balls, base balls and basket balls that fly over the fence damaging my tender plants.

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

This is funny - I go and rake leaves at my neighbor's house(s) this time of year so I can add them to my compost or just lay them down as mulch. One man's trash is certainly another man's treasure.

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LOL - I don't mind leaves, but then again I don't have a pool!

What REALLY annoys me are those horrid papery 'flowers' from my neighbor's Bouganvillea farm that swirl endlessly in every corner and dangle from every black widow spiderweb in my yard. She gets the compliments ("Oh, you have such beeeautiful flowers!") but I get the mess!

Those brown palm prawns bother me too; after a really violent storm, it looks like there's a pack of dead dogs lying in the street.

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Marymcp. Funny to hear that you do that. I wanted to too, but people would think I'm crazy. I've asked the gardeners for their leaves, but they can't understand why. Of course, they really aren't Gardeners are they. More like plant housekeepers.

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MaryMcP Zone 8b - Phx AZ

Crazy in a crazy world is as good as sane!

About a year ago someone posted on Craig's List they had 8 bags of leaves if anyone wanted them. I called immediately and asked for 3 bags, not wanting to be greedy. When I picked them up he told me that someone else grabbed all the rest, he saved my 3 because I called first.

One time I asked the landscaping guy mowing my neighbor's yard if I could get a wheelbarrow load of the clippings. He said sure so I left my wheelbarrow there for his workers to fill. The workers are spanish speaking and didn't know what was going on....they loaded my [empty] wheelbarrow into their trailer and off they went!! The business owner brought it back - empty. Nice try.

I heard someone telling about going to the local park at this time of year and raking up leaves to take home. Funny.

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