growlight for phoes cleo

flyawayDecember 1, 2008

I recently purchased a wonderful bright green rhizomatous begonia, phoe's cleo, that requires some direct sunlight (likes full or partial light). I live in an apartment with northern light. Of course It's winter now and i feel i must boost the available light with some type of growlight. there are many options. Can anyone recommend a suitable growlight system for my new begonia? Thanks.

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Personally I would get the cheapest shop light you can find and the cheapest bulbs for it as well. Some places would love to sell everyone very expensive light stands and special grow bulbs but most growers have not seen any benefit from these extra $$$ fixtures and lights. If space is limited you can get a lamp (a gooseneck so you can move the light in different angles) and use the highest wattage CFL (compact fluorescent light) as you can find. They will cost a lot more than incandescent but they last so much longer and use so much less power that they will save you money in the long run.

PHOE's Cleo in kitchen area with filtered sunlight

River Nile under ordinary shop light

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