Brom Rust/Scale?

symamaniaJanuary 7, 2013

Hey all new to the site although have been browsing the pages for some time has a lot of great information, However I have some strange disease on this one Brom I own I`m not sure if its scale or a rust. hoping that some one could shed some light on the situation.


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just a couple more pics

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And if any one knows the ID of this Bromeliad would be a bonus.

thanks guys

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It doesn't look like any scale. And not life threatning to the plant. Those spots appear on plants that are crowded to close together while the pups are still attached to mom. Trim the bottom leaves of and it should clear up.

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sweet as, had me worried had the two of them in quarantine in case it was to have spread haha sweet relief ,

thanks mate

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