B. partita

korina(9b, Sunset 17)December 29, 2004

I have two begonias, and one is partita. I purchased it from our local cactus and succulent guy, who had it outside in lots of sun. It didn't do so well when the weather turned cold, so I brought it in. It's now with my AVs, and well, it's not as unhappy as it was.

It would help a lot if I had some clue as to its cultural needs. It has a pretty nice caudex (right word?), but under the flourescents it seems to be stretching a bit. Should it have more direct light? Warmer, colder, dry, wet, feed, not feed...?

Any advice would be appreciated.



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PlantaholicCA(z8 CA)

B. partitia prefers to dry between waterings and probably wants a bit more light than your violets - you might raise it closer to the lights. I've had them grow and bloom well under lights. Of course, even under lights, plants often react to winter and slow down. This one is easy to rot if kept too wet!

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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

Thanks, Plantaholic; It's in a 4" square pot, aleady taller than my mini AVs, but I may try to find room in front of the window.

Um, what kind of soil do they like? Heavy, light, really light?



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I've got mine in mostly bonsai soil mix (clay pellets, gravel, peat) with additional perlite, i.e. light and quick draining. It's actually still blooming in a north-facing window, but it does get some reflected sun from the building across the street. As long as you don't overwater, this species is nearly indestructible, and seems to be fairly tolerant of light conditions.


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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

Thanks Jim -- I guess the succulent mix it's in will be just fine for now.

As for light, I have two narrow south-facing windows (tinted) but they're already too crowded; it'll just have to make due with the flourescents for now. Until something in the window dies, anyway. :-)


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