Rex begonia

jduren(5 MO.)December 30, 2012

I purchased this Begonia in the summer. It didn't do well in the same lighting as the peace lily. I lost all but one leaf before moving it outside in shade and it recovered.

Its now late December and the plant seems ok but maybe I'm not doing enough or possibly stuck on winter care. Plant still produces new growth but older leaves are very deeply colored and seem aged.

So I guess my question is.... Typical for first Missouri winter indoors? Plant is in a bright location....

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Looks very good for the end of December. You have a rex that can completely defoliate in winter. Continue watering as long as it has leaves but if it drops all its leaves cut back on watering but don't let it dry out completely either. You can remove the older leaves which often encourages the plant to produce new ones. If the older leaves have some green you may be able to use them for propagation as well (if they are yellowing they may be too old to effectively use for propagation).

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jduren(5 MO.)

Thanks for the info. The leaves tend to become more rounded after they mature rather than sharp on the edges and that was concerning me...Thx

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Mature leaves can look totally different than juvenile leaves on rexes. You're doing good.

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