Lisa do you have a pic of........

bambi_too(5 Ohio)January 2, 2008

Neo. punctissima rubra x tigrina?

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John, there were several members of that grex, and I think Michael got 2 or 3 different ones (besides Popoki, which has been registered). Judging by the photos I've seen posted by other forum members, the one they've gotten from him is a bronzy one, kind of like a larger version of punctatissima rubra (or 'Punctate Red', as we're calling it these days). You can search the forum for those pictures, but I've gotten rid of the bronze clones. In my opinion, Popoki is the best of the lot, but I have one or two other yellow-green cvs that I may decide to name at some point.

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John, this is one I got a while ago through Lyn from Michael. It had a darker bronze colour when it was mounted in more light, but I decided to pot up all my small ones and give them a bit of food to speed up their multiplying! I know Bob posted a pick a while back of this one mounted next to Popoki and the two together looked very nice. Soon I will mount mine also together as the pot treatment works and all of them are producing pups.


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In a blind taste test could you tell that from Tunisia?

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bob740(zone 6 ,NY)

Hi all,
Japie,perhaps this was the photo(s) you were referring to ?

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Well, I could tell, winterlager! Tunisia is bigger and spinier, but they both have Punctate Red in the mix, so that's where the color comes from.

Here is a link that might be useful: Neo. 'Punctate Red

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bambi_too(5 Ohio)

Thats the one Bob! I knew I saw a photo of that plant. I was also trying to get Lisa to post some photos and liven the forum up again, but she didn't take the bait!

Ok Lisa how about picks of the yellows from the grex?

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Here is Lisa's post on the yellow

Here is a link that might be useful:

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bambi_too(5 Ohio)

Thanks HDD!

That is a really fine plant

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John, if you'd like to buy me a new camera I'll go take some more pictures. ;-)

Mine has gone completely haywire, right when the Bills are coming into bloom (I'd been waiting to get some blooming pics for registration, aaarrrghh!) Any recommendations on what kind to get? It did this once before and it's not worth repairing again.

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bambi_too(5 Ohio)

Lisa, I got a new Nikon for Christmas, and my Nephew gave me his "old" Canon SLR Digital. I would send you my old Nikon in a heartbeat, but my daughter was asking right away why I needed 3 digital cameras. Needless to say I no longer have it.

I was happy with my old Nikon 3.2MP, the new one is 8Mp, and I haven't even looked at the Canon yet. For a good simple easy to use camera that is small and light weight I think the little Nikons are really nice. They fit in a shirt pocket, and use AA batteries which can be had anywhere in the world.

I have an idea though, send a plane ticket, and I'll bring my cameras and take all the photos you need. It was COLD here this morning, see the Ochagavia thread, it was a pretty sunrise at 7:45, but only about 20f.

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Hmmmm.......... if you want to pay off your ticket in hard labor, John, I'll think about it! We have 8 acres of fast-growing weeds and trees that need removing....... ;-)

Small, light weight and user-friendly is good. I have a hard enough time just seeing all the little tiny icons, let alone figuring out what they all mean and how to use them. I want something I can just pull out of my pocket and get a nice detailed close-up, like Stephania's pics!

My current is a Canon PowerShot A75, 3.2MP. All it's making now are wavy blobs that look like the aurora borealis. The first time it did that it was still under warrantee, but they still had to send it off to the Mainland and I didn't get it back for a couple of months. At this point I'd rather just get a new one.

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