Beautiful 'Bellismo'

joshy46013October 25, 2010

Hi guys,

My "Bellismo" is just now opened its first bloom :) I'm sorry that I keep making threads to post pictures, I hope that is okay?

Hippeastrum traubii forma doraniae is very evident as a parent in this hybrid, the color is very similar, almost exact.

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That's the way the rest of us do it! Very lovely, soft sweet glad you're enjoying these....!


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Josh, great pictures of Bellisimo (and we all love pictures so go ahead and create threads / post plenty more).


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Thank you guys :)

Donna, I used absolutely no editing and I used photograph lighting so these turned out much better than the "Graffiti" I'm actually sad that I wasn't able to take the "Graffiti" this way :(

I think I've ran across a new hobby of taking pictures of these plants, it's so much fun and just as rewarding :)

Do you think this would be a good candidate for a cross with "Graffiti"?


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Josh, the first pic is just awesome.. thanks for sharing..


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I love any thread with breath-taking pictures!!!!

I have one question though

Could you share with me how you make the background pitch black?

- KB

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