Winterizing bulbs

bobbybegonia(OntarioCanada)December 15, 2004

I live in southern Ontario, Canada.

I pulled my begonia bulbs out of the garden when it began to get cold and left the foliage on as I was instructed to allow it to die off on it's own (apparently to reduce chance of disease.) The bulbs still have roots and a lot of soil clumped on to them. Should the bulbs be cleaned somehow before putting them in sawdust or should I leave them as they are?



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At this point in time, you can gently brush any loose dirt from the bulbs. The stems should come off with a very gentle tuck (if they don't, cut the stems a few inches above tuber level, but do not pull the stem off).

I like to put them in a flat bed of dry vermiculite in the basement, but sawdust or wooden shavings will work als).

You can leave them as they are, if you like, however.

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bmchan(z5 central MA)

The stems are left on to allow the tuber to cure. The contents of the stem nourish the tuber. Using your hands, scrub off the dirt. Soak the tubers in water and rinse off the rest of the soil. You can strip off the roots at this point. When they dry store them in sawdust. If you feel any mushy tubers, discard them.

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