powdery mildew question

hibiscusjoeDecember 9, 2009

I live in Ohio and have a small east exposure garden window. I have a few cane begonias. a couple of them have developed powdery mildew. what do I use to spray them with to keep it under control this winter. any help/comments would be appreciated.


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This time of year it is n ot a good idea to have the plants too close to the window, as a good drop in night temperatures seems to cause mildew with my plants. I do not think there is anything that will cure mildew; over the years I have tried water-milk solution, cinnamon, sulfur, Wilt Pruf, Funginex, Chamomile tea, copper dust, baking soda/water solution, and hair spray as an anti-transperant. Some of these may work for a day or two, but I think nothing will help if y ou continue to grow the plant or plants in the same place and the mildew will repeat, especially if the temperature drops quite a bit at night.

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gregsytch(z9b Tampa Bay)

Powdery mildew is a problem due to the following reasons: Lack of air circulation, issue with cleanliness and old leaves. Increase circulation in the area. Remove all debris and older leaves. These leaves harbor the spores. Spray with any fungicide labeled for mildew, but follow up every 7 days until control has been seen. Mildew forms when temps are between 50F and 75F and humidity is higher (such as condensation from a nearby window). Do not be afraid to crack a window on a chilly day. I grow my begonias outdoors here in Tampa Bay, and we regularly hit 32-35F each winter, sometimes below, albeit briefly. Best and stay warm! Greg Sytch, New Port Richey FL (also ABS Horticultural Correspondent)

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