Non-stop Tuberous Beg wilted. Took Cuttings. Now what?

rexedwardfairy(Zone 11)December 20, 2012

I'm BRAND new to begonias. I purchased two Nonstop Tuberous Begonias tubers this year. One sprouted the two leaves (the other didnt), so I potted it up in a 1;1 mix of sand and potting mix (as some forum advised). IT was going great - in a shaded area with a little morning sun.
Then suddenly it began to wilt and we got a lot of rain, so it was all just sog-sog everywhere.
I've read that I can take stem cuttings, so i've done that - as the two stems, I found upon digging up the tuber, where rotting where they met the tuber anyway. So now hopefully I'll get some of the cuttings to root.
But in the meantime, I'm a few days into summer and have no idea what to do with the tuber. It has healthy roots under it and no rotting - not even where the stems were - I've washed it down and felt it with my fingers and it seems in good health.
So.... do i repot it (given it's the beginning of summer?) or do I store it in a paperbag now as if it were winter?
But there's no way I could keep it cool enough in our subtropical summer if I stored it. Unless I drove it 5 hours south to my mum's house (going there anyway soon) - and let her store it in their more temperate region.

Any ideas what I should do with this short-lived tuber anyone?

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Don't get rid of those tubers...they will sprout again, providing you take care of them. I do not know where in the south you live, but if its too warm as you say, how about putting them in the bag along with some peat moss, and put it in your bottom shelf of a Fridge, until you see 'eyes' again and then re-pot. You do have a Fridge...LOL As for the cuttings, sometimes they can be very unpredictable...especially when it comes to non stop tuberous begonias. I leave a couple of top new leaves and cut just below a node and wet the bottom and powder it with rootone and then stick them into peat moss and/or sand. Keep in bright area, not in the sun and wait. Good luck

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rexedwardfairy(Zone 11)

Thanks boothbay, for all your info. Good to hear my tubers will resurrect themselves... Yep I do have a fridge (thanks for reminding me!) Will report back..

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