Major score in MANY ways!

kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)October 17, 2009

Just went to a seminar at the "Arbor Gate", a fairly local nursery that's rated as one of the best in the US, by Southern Living Magazine. The seminar was give by Chris W, of Southern Bulb Company (interesting story...look it up on line). So he spoke about Crinum, and rain lillies, and all the bulbs that he has to offer (Oxblood lillys, red spider lillies, and daffodils, narcissus, snowflakes, etc that naturalize here in Texas...a tall order in it's own right). I had called Chris last year when my antique bulbs (before they were named H. Gordie) got rot and he had offered some suggestions.

So...I asked him to speak for a moment about amaryllis and how they can be grown in the garden, will naturalize etc. Before his talk, there were some sales tables and I instantly recognized the strappy foliage of Hippeastrum. I think I hit it BIG...I got a pot of H. Evansiae (sort of pricey, but worth every penny for a YELLOW Hippi!!) and another pot FULL of H. Voodoo. The Evansiae had a healthy plant and at least 1 offset whereas the H.Voodoo has probably over a dozen (original bulb and offset)....anyone need a Voodoo....offer a trade.

BUT WAIT...there's more!!! Chris pointed me in the direction of someone locally who can propagate H. Gordie for me and then he said he'd be happy to offer Gordie on his site!! Whooo hooo...So, I'll have to explore the offer a little more (first the propagator)...he was thrilled that I was able to save the H. Gordie bulbs last year...and he had offered encouragement when it was looking grim, etc. What a nice guy!!

What a great day...and it's only half over!!

Have a great weekend!

Kristi (floating just a little)


Here is a link that might be useful: Photo of H. Evansiae

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WOO HOO! Great job. Evansiae is beautiful! I like the shape as much as I like the color.

Phoenix Ryan

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An excellent find, not to mention a wonderful addition to your breeding program! I'd be floating, too!

Some day, I'd love to renew my efforts to acquire more of the species types of hippeastrums... I do have a few, but not nearly enough when you consider all the types out there! It's too bad that some of them aren't so easy to locate.

Voodoo is a lovely old fashioned variety, too! And to think that someday, I may be able to purchase a Gordie... how exciting! I do hope everything works out well for you!

Way to go, Kristi! Great score!

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I am soooo jealous Kristi! I stalk Chris' website and just wait for a new video blog from him always. I think he is awesome and what he is doing with the bulbs is SO cool! If I lived anywhere close to there, I'd be at his farm in a second!

It sounds like you did score big time! I bet those yellow blooms are going to be sensational and I can't wait to get in line to purchase one of your offspring! I purchased a Voodoo last year and that one loves to put out babies like crazy! I am elated for all your news!


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kaboehm (zone 9a, TX USA)

Frank....I did tell Chris that if he ever needs help digging....I'm a phone call away (4 hours drive...but still). He was so nice to everyone at his seminar today. One woman had a gladiola that she must have let him know hadn't bloomed for her. He walked to where she was sitting and handed her a replacement. He was shaking hands with everyone and there were lots of introductions of people he had been doing business with over the internet....I got a hug! I hope he is successful for years to come. I just like to support independent business peopls who carve out a niche. I think he should make it!


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mariae(9b Vero Beach Fl)

Kristi, I am jelous too, H. Evansiae, that IS a mayor score, I can't wait to see the bloom. I have a very little one, so it years from blooming. Congratulations on all the events!!! You must be having a great weekend. Enjoy!!!

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Wow, I'm sooo jealous! I spent most of the weekend in hazmat class and am now at work. Boohoo!
Tally HO!

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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Kristi, how great! I've read about Chris in Southern Living and just love the work he does. Sounds like you got some special bulbs and you'll alway remember when / where you scored them. Alana

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Wow, lucky you.
Well done, enjoy!

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purpleclover(CA Sunset 18)

Wow. Sounds like great fun. So how does a propagator increase your bulbs? Please keep us up to date. And note that you have a wait list of Gordie wanters!


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